Tamanui | The Brave Kōkako of Taranaki

Tamanui | The Brave Kōkako of Taranaki

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By Rebecca Beyer and Linley Wellington. Illustrated by Andrew Burdan

The Taranaki forest is changing and kōkako are finding it difficult to survive due to the rats and possums and the kōkako Tamanui has lost his brothers and sisters.  In the distance Tamanui hears a kōokako call and flying towards it he is caught in a net.  Taken to Mount Bruce, he adapts to a new environment and becomes important in the survival of the kōkako.  Based on a true story.  This publication is also available as a Māori-language edition, Tamanui: Te Kōkako Morehu o Taranaki.


27cm x 21cm